Nuke The Fridge Nail Polish



  • Nuke The Fridge Nail Polish
  • Nuke The Fridge Nail Polish
  • Nuke The Fridge Nail Polish
  • Nuke The Fridge Nail Polish

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Many know the term "Jumped the shark" for when a TV show has ran out of ideas and descended into the absurd. Inspired by Fonzie jumping over a shark on Happy Days, a movie equivalent was born the moment Indiana Jones climbed into a lead lined fridge to survive a nuclear blast and was rocketed to safety. And now we bring to you - Nuke The Fridge.

Nuke The Fridge is a bit of a chameleon, shift from almost a bronze tone to a deep olive green with just a bit of light.

Directions: Use two coats over base coat and finish with top coat. For best results, wait for each coat to dry before applying the next coat. Recommended with Pretty Serious Force Field Base Coat and Pretty Serious Crystal Coat Top Coat.

Please note that colours may vary between different devices and with differing lighting. Pretty Serious have done our best to represent this colour as close to accurate as possible.

11ml/0.37fl.oz. Swatched by Christine. Click here for full ingredients info.

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